Example of Download Prompt from Pixieset:

      Access Photos via Email Link                                       View Online Gallery                               Share with Social Media


Accessing Your Photos:

Within 7-14 days of your photo session you will receive an email with a link to my Pixieset website where you will be able to view and download your digital photos with a 4-digit passcode. Photos are stored on Pixieset for 1 year. Please note there are 3 options to download photos. You can download your photos multiple times. 

  • Web Size - This is ideal for downloading and sharing on social media (not printing) as it's a lower resolution. Do NOT use this option for the purposes of uploading your senior photo to the yearbook site.  
  • High Res - This is ideal for prints (small to large). Use this download for the yearbook site as the yearbook requires high resolution photos. 
  • Original - This is also ideal for prints (small to large).